Woohoo, janac mastectomy wear has been in business for 10 years.

Who knew, all those years ago, that the unique Been-A-Boob would become so popular. The design has evolved so much over the years, that I shake my head when I think of the original design. It was a simple concept, round shape, 2 pieces of fabric filled with beads I bought from Michaels craft store. In the first years I doubled my sales every year. It astounded me that so many women were eager to try something new. The response that most women gave me was that they were either; not happy with the silicone prostheses because they were hot and heavy, or that they were looking for something to wear as an alternative when they were sleeping, just relaxing or swimming.

As I said, the design has evolved, and the reason for that is because I kept feeling that it needed to improve for 2 reasons. One, you could see the beads if it was worn inside a tight bra, such as the sports bras that I produced, so that wasn’t good. Second, I felt that it wasn’t totally comfortable against the chest if the area was sensitive.  So, I found a company that sold plastic beads and went on a scouting mission to find the perfect bead. The young man who helped me was as excited as I was when we found it. He had been getting samples from the plant, putting them in little plastic bags and bringing them to me to “feel”. We must have looked funny, sitting there feeling those bags of beads, hoping they felt like boobs! The best ones we found were smooth, small and uniform in size, just perfect. We high-5’d each other and grinned from ear to ear.

I then set about trying to find a way to make the beads less visible. I started by adding more layers of fabric, and ended up by having 4 layers, and putting the beads between layers 3 and 4. If you placed the Been-A-Boob with the 3 layers facing away from the body, you could no longer see the beads through the bra – success! I also added a cover which gave it another layer.

I sold this design for many years until I again thought there was a better way of making them feel even more comfortable. For some reason, a few years ago there was a marketing push on travel pillows, which made them sell like hot cakes. When I was in a store and felt one of these pillows, I knew I needed to incorporate these beads in the Been-A-Boob to help make them soft. I figured if we put the micro-beads, which weighed virtually nothing, in with the beads we were using, then not only should they be lighter but also softer. We tried mixing the 2 types of beads, but although it did make them lighter, it didn’t make them softer. So, I then tried putting the micro-beads between the outer layers and the bigger heavier beads in the between the middle layers – EUREKA, we finally had the PERFECT BEEN-A-BOOB. It is softer and lighter and the best version yet.

We do offer some Ultralight styles with only micro-beads. They are virtually weightless so we recommend them for post-surgery and for night wear. Definitely not for swimming because they will float, and we don’t want anyone’s boobs floating in the pool!

Now all styles and shapes either have both types of beads or just the micro-beads.

So that’s the story of the evolution of the Been-A-Boob.

Now to celebrate the 10 year anniversary I am making an offer you can’t refuse, check out the latest newsletter to find the coupon (if you haven’t signed up to receive one, go to my website and click on current newsletter – on the right under “Become a Preferred Customer”)

About Janac Mastectomy Wear For Fighters & Survivors

President of Janac Mastectomy Wear - est.2003 2x breast cancer survivor (1995 & 2009) decided to design a breast prosthesis that is comfortable and affordable. Also, designs sports tops that can accommodate any breast prosthesis. www.janacmastectomywear.com
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