The Measuring for a Mastectomy Bra Nightmare

I recently decided to put a measuring guide on my website, and have started to do research. WHAT A NIGHTMARE….I visited many different websites that guide you through the measuring process. I checked out regular bras and mastectomy bras. I have found that 99% of them tell you to measure yourself WITH YOUR MOST COMFORTABLE BRA ON! If you have a correct fitting bra on, why would you be measuring for a new one – why not just look at the label on the bra…..? Am I missing something?

Even the websites that are for mastectomy bras, say measure with your bra on. I DON’T GET IT…… Wouldn’t it be more logical to measure naked, take the tape measure and measure it from your sternum to the middle of your back, yes I know you’ll have to help to do it but I’m sure there’s someone who could help you – is the mailman good looking? Then just double the number, and that would be what your measurement would be if you had two breasts.

One site was really interesting it said there are now two ways to measure, one is the traditional way and one is the modern way. The traditional way showed a picture of a lady (in cartoon form not a real live lady) being measured under the bust, and then being measure around the fullest part of the bust. The modern way shows her bending over and letting her breasts point to the floor, then measuring around. The difference between the under the bust measurement and the across the bust determined the cup size in either way. Now, although the pictures show her with a bra on, it does say not to wear a bra when being measured, so I think the cartoon characters have the bras on for modesty!

They have a chart for calculating the cup size. If the difference between the band (under the bust) and the fullest part is…

  • Less than 1 inch = AA
  • 1 inch = A
  • 2 inches = B
  • 3 inches = C
  • 4 inches = D
  • 5 inches = DD
  • 6 inches = DDD (E in UK sizing)
  • 7 inches = DDDD/F (F in UK sizing)
  • 8 inches = G/H (FF in UK sizing)
  • 9 inches = I/J (G in UK sizing)
  • 10 inches = J (GG in UK sizing)

You can check out their website for more information.

Anyway, let me know if you have any tips or comments on measuring for bras. I’m going to compile lots of information to put on my website and would love to have some input from you.

Until next time….. Janet

About Janac Mastectomy Wear For Fighters & Survivors

President of Janac Mastectomy Wear - est.2003 2x breast cancer survivor (1995 & 2009) decided to design a breast prosthesis that is comfortable and affordable. Also, designs sports tops that can accommodate any breast prosthesis.
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2 Responses to The Measuring for a Mastectomy Bra Nightmare

  1. 1959duke says:

    Reblogged this on Change is Never Ending.

  2. Henny from Simply Chic e-mailed me with this….

    Dear Janet, you always make me chuckle with your e-mails. You say what we all think but are afraid to put on paper.
    Thanks for the laugh. As to the measuring I still have no fool proof system and I have been doing it for 20 years. I simply judge with the eye and go with it and it’s usually 99% accurate! trial by error.
    That’s the way they have been doing it in Europe for years the measuring tape is only for show.
    keep up the good work.

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