Breast Cancer Survivor Cuise

A great time was had by all, as they say – and it was true. The 5th Annual Breast Cancer Thrivers Cruise was fantastic. After placing adverts for the last 5 years in her magazine, it was a pleasure to meet Beverley Vote, the Editor of Breast Cancer Wellness magazine, who organized the cruise. Linda and Paula from the Cayman Islands sat on our table, and certainly entertained us. Especially Paula who was enthralled with her new stick- on nipples and couldn’t wait to show her husband. They are beautiful ladies inside and out and it was wonderful to share our dining table with them.

The organizers had meetings that you could participate in if you wanted to. For example, morning yoga classes with Dr. Beth DuPree, who also did a seminar on How Survivors Become Thrivers. There was Cindy Giles who had a seminar on Finding Your PEP (Passion, Empowerment and Purpose). You could get creative and decorate a bra, or do journaling, or just do nothing but relax. Oh yes, and eat, and eat, and eat!!!!

It was wonderful to meet so many Thrivers, I highly recommend this cruise. Next year it is April 21-26, to find more details go to


About Janac Mastectomy Wear For Fighters & Survivors

President of Janac Mastectomy Wear - est.2003 2x breast cancer survivor (1995 & 2009) decided to design a breast prosthesis that is comfortable and affordable. Also, designs sports tops that can accommodate any breast prosthesis.
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