On-Line Radio Show – May 9th 2011

I have just got off the phone after talking to Kelley Connor on blog talk radio. Kelley is such a nice lady and a great interviewer, I felt very comfortable talking to her.

Like all ladies and men who have been touched by breast cancer, my breast cancer journey is ongoing.  It will be with me forever, it has changed who I am, how I think, what I feel.

I would never have chosen to have had breast cancer, but I believe it has made me a better person, well, maybe not “better” but certainly more confident and compassionate. I know I was meant to start my business because I get so much feedback from customers saying my products have changed their lives – how great is that..! It certainly makes me feel that some good came out of me having the cancer.

If you would like to hear the radio programme go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/kelleyconnors/ it may take a while to get it on the website.

I’d love some feedback – good or bad – both would be great.

And now – lunch outside in the sunshine!!!


About Janac Mastectomy Wear For Fighters & Survivors

President of Janac Mastectomy Wear - est.2003 2x breast cancer survivor (1995 & 2009) decided to design a breast prosthesis that is comfortable and affordable. Also, designs sports tops that can accommodate any breast prosthesis. www.janacmastectomywear.com
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One Response to On-Line Radio Show – May 9th 2011

  1. Bev Parker says:

    Good morning Janet, I caught your interview yesterday and you did fantastic. You seemed so calm so great job.

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