Travel Advice

Are you nervous going through airport security? Are you scared they will question you about your breast prosthesis?

The best way to make things easy for yourself is to be prepared. Unless you are wearing an underwire bra the walk-through scanner shouldn’t beep. They may want to go over your body with a wand, but that won’t beep because of your BAB. So chances are you will get through security with no problems.

If you get picked for a random search (before you freak out, relax, they didn’t pick you because you are wearing a prosthesis – they couldn’t tell) According to CATSA – Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, if you don’t want a pat down by a security officer, you can request a full body scan. HOWEVER, the body scanner will show that you have a “foreign object” on you, so you will be questioned. So you have two options, either tell them immediately that you are wearing a breast prosthesis, the officers are very discreet and won’t shout it out so other passengers will hear, or you can request a Private Search. You will then be taken into a room with 2 female security officers, you can then tell them you are wearing a breast prosthesis.

If you would like a letter from Janac stating what the Been-A-Boob is filled with, please contact us and we will have one e-mailed, faxed or mailed to you.

Travel should be easy and pleasurable not difficult and stressful, so even though the airport is full of hustle and bustle start your journey relaxed and you will have a wonderful time.

About Janac Mastectomy Wear For Fighters & Survivors

President of Janac Mastectomy Wear - est.2003 2x breast cancer survivor (1995 & 2009) decided to design a breast prosthesis that is comfortable and affordable. Also, designs sports tops that can accommodate any breast prosthesis.
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  1. Janet,
    You are such an expert in what you are doing! Communicating this information is so valuable! You answer questions that many people are probably afraid to ask! You have mastered what blogging is all about! I love reading about what you have to say!
    Keep up the great work!

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